Printable Holiday Calendar for Kids

printable holiday calendar for kids

A printable holiday calendar for kids is a creative and educational tool that can help young ones understand the concept of time, anticipate special events, and engage in fun activities throughout the year. These calendars are designed with vibrant colors, engaging graphics, and interactive elements to make learning about dates and holidays enjoyable. Whether for home or classroom use, a printable holiday calendar offers numerous benefits, from fostering a sense of routine to enhancing holiday spirit. At The Kids Point, we believe in creating resources that are both fun and educational, helping children to explore and understand the world around them.

Benefits of a Printable Holiday Calendar for Kids

Educational Value:

  • Understanding Time and Dates: Children learn to recognize days, weeks, and months, which helps them understand the passage of time.
  • Learning Holidays: Kids get to know various holidays, their significance, and cultural practices associated with them.
  • Numeracy Skills: Counting down to holidays and marking off days can improve basic math skills.

Routine and Responsibility:

  • Daily Routine: Checking the calendar can become part of a child’s daily routine, helping them develop a sense of responsibility.
  • Anticipation: Knowing what events are coming up can help children prepare mentally and emotionally for future activities.

Family Engagement:

  • Planning: Families can use the calendar to plan activities together, fostering communication and bonding.
  • Traditions: It’s a great way to establish and keep track of family traditions and rituals.

Creativity and Fun:

  • Art and Craft: Designing and personalizing the calendar can be a fun art project.
  • Interactive Elements: Adding stickers, drawings, or notes can make the calendar more engaging.

Key Elements of a Printable Holiday Calendar for Kids

Monthly Layout:

  • Date Grid: A clear and simple grid layout with spaces large enough for kids to write or draw.
  • Highlighting Holidays: Use bright colors or special icons to mark holidays and important dates.

Holiday Descriptions:

  • Brief Information: Include a short description of each holiday to explain its significance in a kid-friendly manner.
  • Cultural Notes: Mention any special traditions, foods, or activities associated with the holiday.

Interactive Features:

  • Stickers and Markers: Provide stickers for kids to mark special days or achievements.
  • Coloring Sections: Include sections for coloring related to each month’s theme or holidays.

Activity Suggestions:

  • Holiday Crafts: Simple craft ideas related to each holiday that kids can do with minimal supervision.
  • Recipes: Easy, kid-friendly recipes for holiday treats.


  • Photos: Spaces for adding personal photos or drawings.
  • Notes: Sections for kids to write their own notes or messages.

Monthly Breakdown with Holiday Activities


  • New Year’s Day (January 1):
    • Activity: Create a New Year’s resolution poster.
    • Craft: Make New Year’s hats using paper and decorations.
    • Recipe: Bake and decorate star-shaped cookies.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday of January):
    • Activity: Read a children’s book about Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Craft: Make a peace dove using handprints.


  • Valentine’s Day (February 14):
    • Activity: Write Valentine’s cards for family and friends.
    • Craft: Create heart-shaped decorations using colored paper.
    • Recipe: Make heart-shaped sandwiches or cookies.
  • Presidents’ Day (Third Monday of February):
    • Activity: Learn about a president and share an interesting fact.
    • Craft: Create a paper hat like the ones worn by George Washington.


  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17):
    • Activity: Go on a treasure hunt for “gold” (chocolate coins).
    • Craft: Make a shamrock using green paper and glitter.
    • Recipe: Prepare green smoothies or shamrock-shaped cookies.


  • Easter (Date varies):
    • Activity: Organize an Easter egg hunt.
    • Craft: Decorate Easter eggs with paint or stickers.
    • Recipe: Make and decorate Easter bunny cupcakes.
  • Earth Day (April 22):
    • Activity: Plant a tree or start a small garden.
    • Craft: Create a recycled art project.
    • Recipe: Make Earth-themed snacks using fruits and vegetables.


  • Mother’s Day (Second Sunday of May):
    • Activity: Make a handmade card for mom.
    • Craft: Create a flower bouquet using paper or other materials.
    • Recipe: Prepare a simple breakfast in bed.


  • Father’s Day (Third Sunday of June):
    • Activity: Plan a special activity with dad, like a picnic.
    • Craft: Make a personalized mug or picture frame.
    • Recipe: Bake a cake together and decorate it.


  • Independence Day (July 4):
    • Activity: Watch a fireworks show.
    • Craft: Create a flag using paper and markers.
    • Recipe: Make red, white, and blue popsicles.


  • Back to School:
    • Activity: Prepare school supplies and organize a study area.
    • Craft: Decorate a pencil case or notebook.
    • Recipe: Make healthy lunchbox snacks.


  • Labor Day (First Monday of September):
    • Activity: Learn about different professions.
    • Craft: Make a tool belt using paper and stickers.
    • Recipe: Prepare a picnic lunch.


  • Halloween (October 31):
    • Activity: Go trick-or-treating or have a costume party.
    • Craft: Carve or decorate pumpkins.
    • Recipe: Make spooky-themed snacks like “monster” cupcakes.


  • Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November):
    • Activity: Write a gratitude list.
    • Craft: Create a turkey using handprints.
    • Recipe: Bake pumpkin pie or make a simple stuffing.


  • Christmas (December 25):
    • Activity: Decorate a Christmas tree.
    • Craft: Make ornaments using salt dough.
    • Recipe: Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.
  • Hanukkah (Dates vary):
    • Activity: Light the menorah and play dreidel.
    • Craft: Create a menorah using clay or paper.
    • Recipe: Make latkes or chocolate gelt.
  • Kwanzaa (December 26 – January 1):
    • Activity: Light the Kinara and discuss the seven principles.
    • Craft: Make Kwanzaa candles using toilet paper rolls and paint.
    • Recipe: Prepare traditional African dishes.

How to Create a Printable Holiday Calendar for Kids

Choose a Template:

  • Look for kid-friendly templates online or use design software to create your own.

Customize the Calendar:

  • Add holidays, birthdays, and other important dates.
  • Include interactive elements like coloring sections, stickers, and notes.

Print the Calendar:

  • Use high-quality paper for durability.
  • Consider laminating the pages or using a binder to keep them organized.

Distribute and Use:

  • Place the calendar in a common area for easy access.
  • Encourage kids to interact with it daily, marking off days and adding notes.

A printable holiday calendar for kids is more than just a tool for keeping track of dates; it’s an engaging educational resource that can enrich children’s understanding of time, traditions, and cultural celebrations. By incorporating fun activities, crafts, and interactive features, these calendars become a source of joy and learning for kids and families alike. At The Kids Point, we believe that creating and using a holiday calendar can foster a sense of anticipation, routine, and excitement, making each day a new opportunity for discovery and celebration.

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